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   Below are books that inspire me both in life and  at work.

Here are some of my recommendations:-

'A Sprinkling of Magic' How to Captivate your Audience with Inspiring Stories and Metaphors that give Meaning to your Message is my creation! Please click on the book to order from Amazon direct or to find out more please go to the Sprinkling of Magic Website




  The Four Agreements                   The Art of Possibility 

  Don Miguel Ruiz                              Benjamin Zander  




    Still Standing                               The Oracles Secret

    Perry Cross                                  Anthony Fernando




    Embracing Uncertainty             Think & Grow Rich

    Susan Jeffers                               Napoleon Hill

    ($20+P&P from me direct)      ($17+P&P from me direct)


Personal & Professional Development


Learned Optimisim   and       Authentic Happiness

Martin Seligman


  Who moved my Cheese?     Non Violent Communication

  Spencer Johnson                   Marshall Rosenberg

Personality Type


Gifts Differing                       Please Understand Me II

Isabel Briggs-Myers           David Keirsey



   I'm not crazy I'm just not you

   Roger Pearman









     first break all the rules       

  First, Break all the Rules         

  Buckingham & Coffman       




    Firms of Endearment

    Sisodia, Sheth & Wolfe 



  The Speed of Trust

   Stephen M R Covey



Competing for the Future

 Hamel & Prahalad




       Thinque Funky

    Anders Sorman-Nilsson


Biograph & Autobiography


    Losing my Virginity

    Richard Branson


   Long walk to Freedom

   Nelson Mandela





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