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"Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember,

involve me and I will understand." Confucius 450BC

Team development initiatives come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are based around where the team is now (present state) and where the team wants to be (desired state) in terms of performance. The important bit is the journey in between i.e. HOW the team is going to get there – this is the most important journey!

We learn best by doing and so every workshop or program you engage in will include a mix of activities, exercise, discussion and debate with theory included where appropriate so we cater to all styles of learning.

Often a teambuilding event becomes the start of a journey of learning and development for each individual and the team as a whole. Having that time out to reflect on what it is that might be holding the team back from achieving even more can provide them with the impetus and motivation to take the next step in high performance teamwork. 

Team development programs encompass whatever change work it takes to move the team to the next level. This is usually done in the form of workshops, each of which ends with the team taking a series of actions back to the workplace to follow up on and deliver to within agreed deadlines.

Programs vary according to your unique situation and needs. In their simplest form it may be a single workshop the team needs to get back on track or focus on a specific area and at its most comprehensive it would be working with you and your teams over a period of time to arrive at your desired state. The latter is a serious investment in time and people that reaps rewards and delivers measurable results.

Examples of team development programs that have helped teams improve their performance and motivation include:

Developing High Performing Teams with TMS - Team Management Systems

Eliminating business tolerations

Essentials of effective communication
From push to pull – creating the desire to learn (train the trainer)

Get a life! Creating work/life alignment

Principles of high performing teams

Team identity - exploring team mission, vision and values
Team leader as coach - leadership development series

Thriving in change through building resilience

You've got Personality - exploring the 'I' in TEAM through personality type

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